What Causes Brittle Toenails?

As we age, our body begins to decelerate and things aren’t quite what they used to be. The same can be said about our toenails. To aid them during this time, it’s recommended to keep them trimmed and well moisturized to keep the nails soft and nourished. Avoiding nail polish as we age might be for the best as well as nail polish contains chemicals which can speed up the damage. While the most common cause of brittle toenails may be because of the natural process of aging though, it could also indicate an undiagnosed medical condition, prompting you to visit your family doctor as soon as possible.

Thyroid Conditions:

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause toenail problems, with the latter being the more common to produce this problem.

Fungal Infections:

A certain infection called onychomycosis will also cause brittle toenails, accompanied by dulling the appearance of the nail, thickening, and sometimes causing a change in the overall shape.

Nutritional Deficiency:

Finally, developing brittle toenails may be due to your diet and the lack of vitamins which you may not be getting. The most common nutrients associated with brittle toenails are iron and biotin, both of which can be easily added to your diet through simple changes or supplements. Talk with your doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary as unlying health problems may also be causing a disruption if your absorption of nutrients.

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