Do Nail Clippers Damage Your Nails?

It’s no secret that nail clippers are outdated and impractical. The archaic design does little to benefit your nails as the shape doesn’t aid in the process of shortening them. Even curved nail clippers, which are supposed to be better than the original, are curved in the wrong direction, and thus are no better than their predecessor.

But with the limited options out there, should we continue to use them? The answer is controversial as there are many who have shunned them from their beauty routine and opted for a nail file, and those who love the convenience of a quick cut and refuse to give them up. While no one can argue with the time saving properties of the original, the nail file may be the better choice overall as the use of a nail clipper may be the cause of split and cracked nails.

What happens when you use the nail clipper is that you are applying pressure and flattening the nail as you cut through the nail plate. This, in turn, weakens the nail and cracks the keratin that is holding the layers of the nail together.

Below, you’ll find a video that demonstrates what happens to your nail when you apply the heavy pressure of a nail clipper to your nails.

While you make the switch from nail clippers to a nail file, be sure to use Plei Nail Strengthener to speed up the process and get on track to healthy, strong nails.