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Slow down the growth of nail

All the organs of the body need several factors to grow. One of these organs is the nails, which cannot be ignored. Taking care of the nails is a natural thing, because the nails are considered a beautiful part of the human body. There are changes in the size of the thickness of the nails, […]

How to have strong and beautiful nails?

Always keep your nails clean As you clean your facial skin every day, you should also clean your nails and clean any dirt and pollution from under your nails. Even if you use dark nail polish, you should pay attention to this point; Because the cleaner your nails are, the more beautiful and attractive they […]

Causes of broken nails

Nails play an important role in the beauty of hands and having healthy and beautiful nails increases people’s self-confidence. Nails play an important role in beauty , so today special attention is paid to the health of nails to ensure their beauty. Contrary to popular belief, calcium contains only 1% of the ingredients in nails, […]

The nail cuticle should not be removed

The cuticle is the part of the skin and nails that is cut and separated during the manicure. Note that the main nutrition for the growth of nails is done in this area, and this may mean that the cuticle is not in the health of your health. You should know that peeling off this […]

Brittle, scaly and cracked nails

If your nails are brittle, scaly and cracked, this problem is most likely due to environmental factors. So you can solve this problem by making small and simple changes in your lifestyle. For example, do not soak your hands and feet in water for very long periods of time, and be sure to dry them […]

Toxic chemicals

You should know that there are three toxic chemicals and unfortunately these substances can penetrate into the body as well. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs almost anything that comes in contact with it. The “cuticle” that surrounds the nails is soft on other parts of the skin, and […]

Peeling around the nails

It happens to all of us that we face the problem of peeling around the nails. Some people wait for the nail clipper to be available and patiently remove the excess skin, and another group peels off the skin and causes skin sores around their nails, but what causes the skin to peel around and […]

Falling the nails

Nail care, especially toenails, is very important, for example, to keep them clean constantly, but with regular care, you may still have problems in this area. Falling toenails is one of those problems that can make you feel embarrassed. In medical science, this problem is called onycholysis, which is a painful phenomenon, and when your […]

What disease do grooved nails indicate?

 Wrinkled nails are a problem that not only tarnishes your beauty, but can also signal a serious illness. Medically, the appearance of your nails reflects the internal state of your body. Stress, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid and even having an unhealthy diet can make a big difference in the appearance of your nails. One of […]

Fungal infection

As you grow older, your nails become brittle and dry. This causes the nails to break and more bacteria to enter the nails. This is why nail infections are more common in the elderly than in children, even if children spend more time outdoors in closed shoes and socks. Apart from nail aging, factors such […]