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Public health depends on nail health

Your nails are a description of your general health. Changes in nail color or stunted growth can be a sign of an illness, malnutrition or high stress.  Your nails are made of keratin Part of general health depends on the health of the nails. Keratin is a protein made up of nail tissue cells. Keratin […]

Nail disease that needs to be addressed

Hands and fingernails are an oppressed organ in our body that often do not have the opportunity to be treated. So that we are insignificant in the face of many nail problems and pass by it easily. Unaware that even the smallest problem in our opinion, the most acute problem in the body.  Healthy and […]

Nail alerts about your diet

Nails do not lie to you. Nails are mainly made of a protein called keratin, which is also found in skin and hair cells. Nails are not only used to make art or scratch the skin, but also to protect our fingertips. In addition, our nails can provide us with clues about our health and […]

DIY Hand Soaks and Scrubs

Sometimes after a long day at work, all you need is a little rest and relaxation. If the spa is not an option for you, here are some DIY hand soaks and scrubs that can be used to make this evening the best one of your life. For supplies, you’ll need a few things, including: […]

Natural and Organic Beauty Products

With the rise of GMOs and synthetic ingredients, many consumers are taking note of the ingredients in the things that they eat, but more recently, they’ve been looking at their beauty products as well. However, just because a beauty product label has the words “natural” and “organic” on them, doesn’t fully mean that they are. […]

Home Remedy for Clean Nails

Have you wanted to redo your nails, but found that they have been stained by the previous polish or dirt has accumulated under your fingernails? Well, there’s a solution for that and can be done in the comforts of your own home with materials you probably have lying around your kitchen. To get clean and […]

Do Re-Useable Manicures Exist?

If you’re one to keep all of your receipts, you may be surprised by just how much you spend on manicures in one year. However, if manicures are important to you, but are taking a toll on your wallet, a company has designed a reusable manicure that can stay on for up to 18 days. […]

Nail-Patella Syndrome

A rare condition called nail-patella syndrome affects about 1 in 50,000 people, but that number is still significant enough that symptoms and causes of this disease need to be shared. The condition is fairly easy to diagnose as those who have nail-patella syndrome often have missing or undeveloped fingernails and toenails. You may also have […]

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Your nails can tell you a lot about your health, even underlying conditions that you may not know you had. It all comes down to the shape, thickness, and overall appearance of the nail itself. For example, short nails aren’t really indicative of anything except for possibly stress as most people turn to nail biting […]

Commonly Confused Nail Terms

If you’re a newbie to nails, some of the terms that get thrown around the nail salon and internet can be confusing, leading many people to confuse certain terms with others. Even some experienced nail technicians are not able to properly articulate certain things and explain the difference between services. Luckily, here is a handy […]