Cause of nail growth stop

All the organs of the body need several factors to grow. One of these organs is the nails, which cannot be neglected. Taking care of the nails is a natural thing, because the nails are considered a beautiful part of the human body. There are changes in the size of the thickness of the nails, […]

How do nails change with age?

Nails indicate the health of the body. Diseases, internal body processes, nutritional deficiencies, or prolonged contact with chemicals or ultraviolet light cause changes in the nails. Age also causes changes in the nails, which include changes in the rate of growth, texture, thickness, and shape, and nail color. Nail growth rate The rate of nail […]

Nail fungus

What is the cause of nail fungus? In healthy and normal people, fungal nail infection is mostly caused by sweat and humidity. One of the main places for the transfer and creation of fungi are public showers in swimming pools or gyms. Going to beauty salons to take care of nails is another factor for […]