Slow down the growth of nail

All the organs of the body need several factors to grow. One of these organs is the nails, which cannot be ignored. Taking care of the nails is a natural thing, because the nails are considered a beautiful part of the human body. There are changes in the size of the thickness of the nails, […]

How to have strong and beautiful nails?

Always keep your nails clean As you clean your facial skin every day, you should also clean your nails and clean any dirt and pollution from under your nails. Even if you use dark nail polish, you should pay attention to this point; Because the cleaner your nails are, the more beautiful and attractive they […]

Causes of broken nails

Nails play an important role in the beauty of hands and having healthy and beautiful nails increases people’s self-confidence. Nails play an important role in beauty , so today special attention is paid to the health of nails to ensure their beauty. Contrary to popular belief, calcium contains only 1% of the ingredients in nails, […]