The Do’s and Don’ts of Fingernail Health

Your fingernails are often a tell-tale sign of how your overall health is. White, grooves, and pits can all be signs of underlying conditions, but they may also be because you haven’t been taking care of your nails properly. To keep your fingernails looking their absolute best, here are some do’s and don’ts when it […]

DIY Manicure Tips

We can’t all afford to go to the nail salon every couple weeks, so some of us resort to doing our nails at home. However, sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but here are some helpful tips to help make that at home manicure look like you just walked fresh out of a nail salon. […]

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Nails

Lean Meats (Turkey, Chicken, Fish) While protein is known for helping build healthy, strong muscles, they also help maintain your fingernails which are also made of protein. Protein is found in large quantities in meat, but not all meats are good to have on a regular basis. Opt for lean meats like turkey, chicken, and […]