Nail color disorders

White spot on the nail White spot in the nail is a type of nail disorder that occurs in connection with another disease called hypoalbuminemia (lower blood albumin than normal). This disease is characterized by complete whiteness or a white spot on the nail. This condition can appear by taking cytotoxic drugs (a type of […]

Foods that make your nails strong and grow

If you want to have shiny and healthy nails, add these foods to your diet. Egg Eggs are rich in protein and strengthen bones, hair and nails, and are also rich in biotin, vitamin D and B12. Biotin helps strengthen nails and makes them less brittle. Oat Minerals such as zinc and copper are vital […]

Slow down the growth of nail

All the organs of the body need several factors to grow. One of these organs is the nails, which cannot be ignored. Taking care of the nails is a natural thing, because the nails are considered a beautiful part of the human body. There are changes in the size of the thickness of the nails, […]