Top 5 Foods for Healthy Nails

Lean Meats (Turkey, Chicken, Fish) While protein is known for helping build healthy, strong muscles, they also help maintain your fingernails which are also made of protein. Protein is found in large quantities in meat, but not all meats are good to have on a regular basis. Opt for lean meats like turkey, chicken, and […]

4 Special Manicures to Try

We all know the classic manicure that every salon offers and it can be a great way to pamper yourself after a long, hard week at work, but for those who want a little something extra, here are 4 special manicures that you should try on your next trip to the spa. Hot Oil Manicure […]

Cuticle Health & Safety

You may have noticed a thin layer of clear skin at the base of your nail. This is called your cuticle and it’s an important part of your nail as it protects new growth from bacteria as your nail grows out. However, this part of your nail is extremely delicate and can get damaged or […]