Why Are There White Spots on my Nails?

Noticing white lines or dots on your nails that were not there before? You have nothing to fear. These white markings are called leukonychia and are completely harmless and more common than you might think. However, aesthetically they are not very pleasing to most, so getting rid of them is commonly desired.  Causes There are […]

Fall 2019 Trending Nail Shapes

With Autumn just around the corner, you’ll want to ditch your summery-fun nail looks that you’ve sported this sunny season and go for something a little more updated. But are last years trends the same as this years? Let’s find out by looking at the top 4 nail shape trends that you’re sure to spot […]

Paraffin Wax

When booking an appointment at a nail salon, you may have other add-on options that are available to do that aren’t necessarily directed towards your nails. One of these options is paraffin wax. Have you heard of it before? If not, here is a breakdown of what paraffin wax is and what it does. What […]