Nail care

How to strengthen nails?

Drying the nails

Water can damage the texture of nails and make them brittle and weak. Therefore, it is better to dry your nails after showering or using body water. Also, try to use dishwashing gloves when washing dishes, clothes or surfaces. In this way, you prevent the nails from getting wet or too much contact with water and detergents. By carefully drying your nails, you can play an important role in their growth.

Shaping and cleaning the nails

Shaping the nails has a great effect in preventing them from breaking and crushing. In addition, clean and neat nails prevent the temptation to chew nails. Hitting obstacles, breaking and chewing nails can lead to a decrease in the growth and strength of nails. So try to always keep your nails neat and clean.


Some diseases, including diabetes, with reduced blood circulation, are one of the reasons for decreased nail growth. These diseases often show their effect on the growth of toenails. Massage of the nails can greatly compensate for the decrease in blood circulation and help to strengthen the nails.

Protect the nail cuticle

Cuticles are the delicate part of the nail that protects the matrix. Excessive trimming of the cuticles exposes the nail matrix or base to many risks including infection. Instead of shortening the cuticles, it is better to moisturize them continuously. Also, be sensitive about the manicure of your nails. Many nail technicians open the way for bacteria to enter the sensitive nail tissue by using wrong techniques such as cutting the cuticles too much.

So try to use professional nail design experts. Also, if you bring your personal manicure accessories, you have done yourself the biggest favor. Remember that manicure is a painless cosmetic technique. So if you feel a lot of pain during the manicure, ask your nail technician to stop. Try to choose the best nail implant method for yourself.

Do not use acetone

Acetone is extremely harmful for nail strength. Therefore, do not use acetone to remove your nail polish. Instead, you can use milder nail polish removers. Also, use acetone-free cleaners for nail planting. Finally, wash your hands and use moisturizer.

Proper nutrition is essential to strengthen the nails

Take seriously the role of nutrition in the growth and strengthening of your nails. Nails, like other parts of the body, need a balanced diet. Benefiting from a varied and healthy food plan that includes a wide range of protein sources, water, various fruits and vegetables, minerals and vitamins, plays a major role in the strength of your nails. Also, providing vitamins such as calcium, iron and biotin are essential for the health of nails.