Nail growth

The speed of nail growth depends on several factors. Like skin and hair, nails are made of different layers of keratin protein cells. The hard part of the nail or the nail plate is responsible for protecting the sensitive skin underneath, the nail base. The substance that makes up the base of the nail is made in a part called the matrix under the cuticle.

The condition and rapid growth of nails can be a sign of health or lack of health. Research by the American Academy of Dermatology shows that yellow nails may be a sign of diabetes. In addition, according to this research, yellow, thick and slow-growing nails can show symptoms of lung disease. But you may be wondering why the nails don’t grow?

Age has an effect on nail growth

The speed of nail growth varies throughout people’s lives. For example, babies’ nails grow faster than adults. Children’s nails grow faster than adults. In fact, the speed of nail growth reaches its maximum between the ages of 10 and 14. But after this age, it slows down and gradually gets a lower growth rate as the age increases.

Therefore, the growth of nails in one day of adults is less than that of children and babies.

Hormones help nail growth

According to the results of the United States Academy of Dermatology, hormonal diseases and the loss of hormone balance in the body have a great impact on the growth of nails. For example, the speed of strengthening or growth of nails increases in pregnant women and decreases during breastfeeding. In addition, the premenstrual period may also lead to increased nail growth.

Cutting nails is effective in rapid nail growth

Another effective factor that can increase the growth of nails is cutting them. In a way, it can be said that the nail clipper is one of the nail strengtheners. If you regularly trim your nails, you will experience faster growth.

The effect of seasons on the growth of nails

Different seasons of the year have a significant effect on the speed of nail growth. Human nails grow more in the warm seasons than in the cold seasons. Therefore, the change of seasons is one of the reasons for the reduction of nail growth, and if this happens to you, make sure that it has nothing to do with the seasons.

The difference in the speed of growth of different nails

Normally, toenails grow less than hand nails and hand nails grow faster. In addition, each of the fingernails and toenails has a different growth rate. For example, the nail of the little finger has the lowest growth among other nails. Also, thumb nail growth rate is slower than others. This is the fact that in most people, the speed of growth of index and middle finger nails is faster than others.

Of course, in general, this difference is very small and is measured in tenths of a millimeter. On the other hand, being right-handed or left-handed affects the speed of nail growth. The nails of the dominant hand always grow faster than the nails of the non-dominant hand. Also, people who have more daily manual activities have more growth in their nails than other people.

How to strengthen nails?

Benefiting from long and healthy nails doubles the attractiveness of your hands. In addition to improving the appearance, healthy nails help to make daily tasks easier. Using some simple home solutions can be effective in preventing breakage, improving the appearance and strength of nails. Although these solutions do not help the speed of nail growth. But they can provide a proper growth platform by strengthening and strengthening the nails. In the rest of this article, we will describe some home remedies to strengthen nails.

Dry skin means dry nails. Very dry skin may even crack and bleed due to lack of moisture. In this case, your nails are easily exposed to fungal and bacterial infections. The dryness of the nail and the surrounding matrix leads to a decrease in the growth and strength of the nails. Therefore, to prevent dry skin, don’t forget to moisturize your hands and nails, especially in the cold seasons of the year. In this case, you will have fresh and glowing skin. Bright and fresh skin is one of the things we teach participants in micro needling training. In addition, it is better to use moisturizing lotions after each wash.