How to have strong and beautiful nails?

Always keep your nails clean

As you clean your facial skin every day, you should also clean your nails and clean any dirt and pollution from under your nails. Even if you use dark nail polish, you should pay attention to this point; Because the cleaner your nails are, the more beautiful and attractive they will be. The best suggestion is to always have a small nail brush in your bag and use it to clean your nails if necessary.

Always use top coat for your nails

Do not hesitate to buy a high-quality top coat and choose a good product for your nails. Be sure to use this cover when you don’t have enough time to polish your nails! Using a top coat will help your nails look much more beautiful.

 File your nails in one direction

Filing nails is a professional job, but if you learn the principles and method correctly, you can easily do this at home and have more beautiful nails. Regarding filing the nails, you should be careful to file the nails only in one direction so as not to cause any damage to the nails.

Use cuticle oil for your nails

Drying of the nail cuticle can easily affect the beauty of the nails and make even the most flawless nails look ugly and unhealthy. Always massage the nails and cuticles with a small tissue and natural oil such as chia oil. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin around the nails and helps to have healthier and more beautiful nails.

 Do not injure the nail cuticle

Biting the nails or wounding the nail cuticle can easily affect the beautiful appearance of the nails as well as the beauty of the hands. One of the easiest ways to prevent damage to the cuticle is to keep it moist.

Trim the nail cuticle with special tools

The thin skin on the nail (cuticle) is exposed to infection and it is necessary to take good care of it. The best way is to push the nail back a little using a special nail cuticle tool after washing your hands and drying your nails so that in addition to cleaning the nail cuticle, more opportunities for nails to grow are provided.

Be careful in choosing nail polish

Although it seems simple and easy to remove nail polish with strong nail polish removers, these products usually contain a lot of acetone, and after using them, in addition to removing the nail polish, a thin layer of the nail surface is also removed. It will go away and if you continue to use these nail polish removers, the surface of the nail will become weak and brittle and will lose its beauty and resistance. The best suggestion is to use an acetone-free nail polish pad.