Causes of broken nails

Nails play an important role in the beauty of hands and having healthy and beautiful nails increases people’s self-confidence. Nails play an important role in beauty , so today special attention is paid to the health of nails to ensure their beauty. Contrary to popular belief, calcium contains only 1% of the ingredients in nails, so its deficiency has little effect on the brittleness of nails.

There are several causes for brittle nails, and we will mention a few of them:

Nutritional deficiencies

Deficiencies of some micronutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D, E can cause nails to become brittle and flaky.


Iron deficiency anemia is a type of anemia that results in brittle nails.


Doing various things on the nails such as manicures, pedicures, nail implants, using artificial nails and… cause the nails to become brittle.

Remove excess nail polish with acetone

Note that varnish does not make the nails brittle, but some sources even mention that it strengthens the nails. (Especially some varnishes such as vegetable varnishes); However, regular cleaning of nails with acetone causes the nails to become brittle due to its solubility.


The brittleness of the nails increases with age, and in women, due to the thinner nails, this change is more visible and obvious.

Persistent damage to the nails

People who do certain things that damage their nails on a regular basis expose their nails to serious damage. For example, people who are in constant and daily contact with detergents.

Long nails

People who have long nails are certainly more prone to brittleness and damage than others.

Job contacts

In some occupations, such as carpentry, shoemaking, etc., the nails of the firefighter are exposed to wear and tear due to manual work. Occupations such as doctors, surgeons, and those who use strong detergents can also cause nail damage due to the solubility of these substances.

Skin problems and diseases

Various skin problems such as dry skin, fungal diseases and… can also cause nail damage.