Why Are There White Spots on my Nails?

Noticing white lines or dots on your nails that were not there before? You have nothing to fear. These white markings are called leukonychia and are completely harmless and more common than you might think. However, aesthetically they are not very pleasing to most, so getting rid of them is commonly desired. 


There are a few things that can cause leukonychia.

  • Allergies
  • Fungal infections
  • Injuries to the nail
  • Poor nutrition

Allergic Reaction

Although rare, some people are allergic to the ingredients in certain nail polishes, harderners, and other nail products. Frequent use of gel and acrylic nails can damage the nail and leave behind white spots or streaks.

Fungal Infections

Onychomycosis is a common nail fungus which can cause small white dots on the nails.

Injury to the nail

The most common cause of leukonychia is an injury to the nail bed. Depending on your health, it may take less or more to make the white streaks appear. Some people develop leukonychia only by slamming their fingers in a door, while others only need to knock their nail against a hard surface. You may not know what injury caused you to have leukonychia as some injuries take up to 4 weeks to appear.

Poor Nutrition

Leukonychia can be linked to poor nutrition. If you become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, leukonychia can appear on your nails. The most common nutrients associated with leukonychia include zinc and calcium.


There is no need to visit a doctor regarding leukonychia. If your leukonychia is caused by an injury, just be careful in the future and avoid injury whenever possible.

However, if you notice that your leukonychia is becoming worse or is persistent, make an appointment with your doctor to find out the cause.

If your leukonychia is caused by a mineral deficiency, your doctor may order tests to find out what mineral it may be, and then request you either take a supplement or do some lifestyle changes to combat the deficiency.


The treatment plan will be different depending on the reason for the leukonychia.

Allergic reaction

Discontinue using the products that were used before you noticed the leukonychia. If that does not improve your condition, consult with a doctor.


An oral or topical antifungal medication will be prescribed by a doctor. Typical treatment time is around 3 months.

Nail injuries

There’s no treatment plan for nail injuries other than to let them heal over time.

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