Fall 2019 Trending Nail Shapes

With Autumn just around the corner, you’ll want to ditch your summery-fun nail looks that you’ve sported this sunny season and go for something a little more updated. But are last years trends the same as this years? Let’s find out by looking at the top 4 nail shape trends that you’re sure to spot this upcoming September.

#1. Medium-Length Almond Nails

As one of the most practical nail shapes, it’s no surprise that this one is on the list this year. This classic nail shape is not too long so that it becomes a burden when it comes time to pick up a pencil in the upcoming school year, but it is also not so short that it doesn’t make an impact. And the best part is, you can be as normal or flashy as you want with it. While simple colours look great on the almond nail, there is also enough length present should you want to add some cute nail art.

#2. Long Stiletto Nails

Bring on the bold. If you’re not worried about your ability to be able to write properly and you want to make a bold statement, the long stiletto is the nail for you. Long, thin, and pointy as can be, the stiletto nail is reminiscent of its namesake: the stiletto heel. Pair this nail with a bold colour and for added drama, feel free to add some nail art to complete this dramatic look.

#3. Short, Natural Round/ Oval Nails

Another practical choice that has been making its appearances in runways and magazines as we gear up for a blustery September. This nail shape is more for the reserved type of person who doesn’t like to make too huge of a statement with their nails, but likes to feel pretty. To do this, pair these nails with a natural or light colour.

#4. Medium-Length Coffin/ Ballerina Nails

Considered to be a more edgy type of nail, competing against the likes of the stiletto nail, the coffin style/ballerina nail gives the wearer the most opportunity for creativity with its wide edges and chunkier look. While these nails were created for people to unleash their creativity, simply having a bold Autumn colour to cover them with will certainly make a statement all on its own.

Which nail trend are you most excited to try out this Fall? Make sure to leave your answer in the comments below and don’t forget to use Plei Nail Strengthener for strong, healthy nails.