Which Nail Should be The Accent Nail?

Accent nails are a perfect way to spruce up your at-home manicure without having to worry about paying a hefty price tag for some complicated nail art. If you’re an aspiring nail technician, accent nails are a perfect place to start, especially since they can be so versatile! Maybe you want a bit of shimmer, or just a complimentary shade that makes your nails stand out among the rest. The possibilities are endless!

Your options don’t just end at colours, though. The next step is figuring out which nail you want to accent. In pop culture, different fingers can mean different things, but whether or not you choose to listen to this is up to you. Any nail can be your accent nail!

Pinky Finger

Elegant and feminine, this accent nail is also called the party finger, making it a popular sparkly polish accent finger.

Ring Finger

Arguably the most common and popular destination of the accent nail. For single ladies, adding a splash of colour to your ring finger means that you are single, drawing attention to your ringless finger. On the other hand, a bride to be may choose to add some sparkly charm to her ring finger to showcase her engagement or wedding ring.

Middle Finger

Ooh, now this one could be interesting. If you’re into symmetry, the middle finger is perfect for you since there are two fingers on each side of the accent nail, making it look proportionate and professional. With your middle finger typically being the longest out of all your fingers, it is sure to stand out no matter what colour you choose.

Index Finger

Another rare, but interesting choice. Your index finger is arguably one of your most used, individually speaking. If your job involves a lot of pointing and advertising, this nail may be a good choice for you to make as your accent nail.


Even more rare than the index finger is the thumb. Very rarely is the thumb used as a solid colour accent nail, and is moreso used for nail art since it provides a wide canvas for ease of design. That shouldn’t deter you from being bold and making a statement though!

What is your go-to accent finger?