Cuticle Oil: Benefits and Uses

Before any good manicure, it’s important to first treat the nail and surrounding area for a clean application, result, and of course, to make you feel pampered and pretty once you leave the salon. Cuticle oil can now be found in most drugstore and beauty stores, so even if you do a polish application at home, adding cuticle oil to your routine will enhance the experience.

So, what is cuticle oil?

Like the name of it, cuticle oil is an oil that is used to moisturize your nails and cuticles, making them soft and silky feeling. The base ingredient is most commonly some kind of vegetable oil, then strengthened with vitamins and citric acid.

The purpose of cuticle oil is to repair dryness and damage that has been done to the cuticles through things like chlorine, extreme cold, the sun, and salty water. These things can make your cuticles dry, chapped, or even crack, causing them to bleed. Cuticle oil can repair these damages and restore your nail and cuticle back to good health.

Cuticle oil is also used to stimulate nail growth by improving the circulation around the nail bed. Not to mention, it leaves a lasting shine that improves the look of dullness, and brings attention to your freshly done nails.

Cuticle oil is very easy to use. Because it is an oil, you’ll only need a small amount to get the desired effect. Simply dab the product onto your cuticle using a cotton ball, or a brush if your cuticle oil comes with an applicator. Apply only a few drops to each fingernail, then massage gently into the cuticles to improve absorption and to maximize the surface area treated. Allow the product to absorb into the cuticle and do not wipe or wash off.

Use cuticle oil every time you do your nails for healthy cuticles that shine!