Plei Nail Strengthener: Your #1 Solution for Stronger, Healthier Nails

Are you tired of your nails constantly chipping and breaking, or have they lost their healthy sheen from daily use working with chemicals? Well then look no further, because Plei Cosmetics has the answer in the form of Plei Nail Strengthener.

This revolutionary formaldehyde-free formula is easy to use, virtually odourless, and actively targets the nail to restore it to its former glory. For easy application, simply take a cotton swab or pad and coat it with Plei Nail Strengthener, then apply it directly underneath and on top of the nail. For a visual demonstration, check out the video below.

This product is able to be used with artificial nails, as well as nails which have shellac or gel polish applied to them with no peeling or fading effect thanks to its gentle, but strong, formula.

Clients have reported positive results in less than 4 weeks of use, and have continued to use it daily to maintain their now healthy, strong nails. It is recommended to use this product before going to bed, or during a period of time when you won’t be washing your hands for a minimum of two hours.

Plei Nail Strengthener is affordable, long-lasting, and an absolute must-have in your caretaking routine.

See the results and order a bottle for yourself by visiting our website, or send us an email for all questions related to this amazing product.

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