Do artificial nails, gel and shellac harm your nails health?

Artificial nails have grown increasingly popular over the years, and more people than ever now are flocking to the salons for their own splash of colour and lengthening enhancement. The process can be quite lengthy depending on the route that you take as well as the experience of the nail technician, and the nails themselves typically last for month or so before people go back for a touch-up. This all depends on how fast your nails grow, as well as if the nail ends up chipping or breaking off entirely.

The most popular kinds of artificial nails are acrylic and gel nails. Both are similiar in the fact that they are made with acrylic, but gel nails require a further step called “curing” which is done with the aid of a machine that emits ultraviolet light. The acrylic adheres to your natural nail, and as your nail grows, the space between your nail bed and the acrylic also grows, resulting in a gap.

Nail technicians will warn you beforehand that when this happens that you should keep your hands as dry as possible as the gap creates a moist and warm environment where bacteria can fester and grow, resulting in a possible nail infection. Signs and symptoms of a nail infection include swelling, redness, and pus.

With proper care, this doesn’t happen to most people. Artificial nails are completely safe and do not damage your nails, but nail technicians do advise that you give your nails a break every 2-3 months to allow your natural nails to breathe. This can be done either at home with various tools, or your nail technician can remove them using a special formula designed to remove acrylic.

After removing your artificial nails, Plei Nail Strengthener can be applied to strengthen up the nails for their next round of acrylics and to keep them healthy and strong.

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