Which Nail Should be The Accent Nail?

Accent nails are a perfect way to spruce up your at-home manicure without having to worry about paying a hefty price tag for some complicated nail art. If you’re an aspiring nail technician, accent nails are a perfect place to start, especially since they can be so versatile! Maybe you want a bit of shimmer, […]

How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is usually described as being just a bad habit, but sometimes it can be a side effect of stress, anxiety, or something that we do subconsciously while doing things like watching TV or reading a book. However, nail biting is not healthy and can cause more than just cosmetic issues with your nails. […]

How do I Treat an Infected Nail?

One of the most common hand injuries is an infected fingernail. Fingernail infections often occur on the edge of nail and are incredibly painful, but the majority of the time are not serious and do not require medical intervention by a doctor. Fingernail infections can be caused in a number of ways. Ingrown nails or […]