Nail Trimming

What is the best way to trim your nails? Is nail scraping harmful or not? How to use manicure and pedicure tools? What points should be considered before and after manicure and pedicure? What should we pay attention to when taking children’s nails? What is the difference between the growth of fingernails and toenails?

How to trim your nails is very important. Some people use scissors to do this, but trimming nails with scissors is not possible for everyone and requires special skills. In this method, because the speed of cutting the nail plate is low, the risk of brittle and uneven nails is increased. These sharp points can sometimes cause facial skin cuts. It is better to use a suitable nail clipper to shorten the nails.

Familiarity with nail gripping tools

 Classic Nail Clippers: If you lived in the 1880s, you probably had one of these classic nail clippers and used it to trim your nails. Today, everyone you know has certainly had or used one of these nail clippers. But they are actually the worst kind of professional nail clippers, and the disadvantage is that these nail clippers slow down very quickly, which means that they eventually break the nails instead of cutting them, and this It is not good for the health of your nails. On the other hand, correct angling with these nail clippers is a bit difficult. On the other hand, this type of nail clippers can be found everywhere and it is very easy to work with them. If you want to buy this nail clipper, buy one that is made of pressed carbon or stainless steel.

Nail file: This is a very important item and tool to soften and style your nails. You can easily find all kinds of razors in pharmacies. Some types have a metal tip that can be used to clean under the nails.

A few tips on the health and beauty of nails A few tips on the health and beauty of nails

Clean and disinfect your nail clippers. Before you start, make sure your nail clippers are clean. Wash your nail clippers to remove unwanted dust and dirt. Having a personal nail clipper is recommended, but when you and another person or people use nail clippers together, disinfecting the nail clipper becomes more necessary before you start.

Wash your nails thoroughly. You can also clean your nails while showering or wash your hands and feet with antibacterial soaps. Dry them well with a towel to remove excess water. This step not only cleans your nails, but also helps them become softer and thus easier to trim.

4- Look for a place with good light. You need to get your nails done in a well-lit place and you can clearly see what you are doing.

When is the best time to trim your nails?

The best time to trim nails is after bathing because contact with hot water makes the nails soft and moist and ready to be trimmed with minimal pressure on the nail plate. The front of the nail should be crescent-shaped, but the corners should be smooth to prevent the nail from sinking into the flesh. This is especially true for toenails.