Your Nail’s color

Are your nails black?

Blackening of nails is not always a concern. Apart from bruises caused by pressure and impact that can turn your nails black, these problems, some of which are low-risk and some are troublesome, can be the reason for your nails turning black.
The first reason: The first reason that can lead to the blackening of your nails is the change in pigmentation that happens due to genetic reasons. Just as a change in the color of the grains can lead to the birth of a mole on your body, your nails can also turn black with such a change.
The second reason: if only a dark line extends from the lower part of the skin of your nail to its tip (or if the size and shape of this line changes quickly), be careful! Your problem that this vertical line has turned green on your nail is more serious than we can summarize it in the form of changing pigments. A skin tumor may present itself in the form of this black appearance. Experts say that seeing such marks on the nails, you should immediately consult a doctor.
The third reason: if you see such a line on your nail, keep your cool. There may be no cancer or death and only a fungal infection that shows itself in dark gray or green color living under your nail.

Are your nails blue?

Owners of blue nails are not as lucky as owners of black nails. The former group, if they have not suffered from skin cancer, can remove the blackness of their nails with simple methods, but those who have blue nails need serious treatment for their problem.
The first reason: the blueness of your nails can indicate a blood supply disorder in your body. You, who see this color on your hand, probably have a problem that does not allow enough blood oxygen to reach your fingertips. Maybe a simple disorder in blood circulation is the cause of this ugliness.
Second reason: Your problem may be much more serious than a simple disorder. Having serious heart disease or lung problems can cause problems in your circulatory system and make your nails look blue by not getting oxygen to them.

Are your nails white?

There are countless troubling problems that can cause your nails to turn white. In the most optimistic conditions, those who have white nails are a little nervous, but among these people, there are not few people who suffer from serious disorders in the functioning of their internal organs.
The first reason: Malnutrition and lack of necessary nutrients to the body can be one of the most basic physical problems that manifests itself in the form of white and pale nails.
The second reason: if instead of your whole nail turning white, only white spots appear on it, see a neurologist. Maybe you are constantly manipulating and pressing your nails throughout the day without realizing it. But if your nerves are not weak, you are probably doing housework all the time, and while working, your nails are hit, which causes them to become stained.
The third reason: But the most important possibility that should be taken seriously is liver disease, so if you eat well, go to a liver specialist as soon as you see the whiteness of your nails. According to experts, white nails, especially if they have a dark border, may indicate serious liver diseases.

Are your nails yellow?

Not all nail problems are caused by internal diseases. Sometimes negligence in taking care of this apparently resistant organ or neglecting its hygiene can cause its color change or shape change. Owners of yellow nails are often included in the group of careless people.
First reason: Fungal infections can be the cause of yellowing of your nails. If you have implanted your nails, it is better to check the possibility of infection before investigating other possible reasons and get rid of the thought of re-implantation. If you do not take care of this problem as soon as possible, the infections may show themselves in the form of thickening of your nails.
Second reason: these probabilities are not very strong. But in some cases, owners of yellow nails complain of more serious diseases such as thyroid, lung problems, diabetes and arthritis.
The third reason: If you keep the nail polish on your nails for a long time and only change the color of your nails without letting them breathe for a few days, you should also make your nails yellow. Fortunately, in this case, after a few days of resting the nails and strengthening them, the yellow color will decrease to a great extent.