Toxic chemicals

You should know that there are three toxic chemicals and unfortunately these substances can penetrate into the body as well.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs almost anything that comes in contact with it. The “cuticle” that surrounds the nails is soft on other parts of the skin, and the solvents in nail polishes are designed to increase the amount of absorption by the nails. Therefore, nail polish can stay on the nails for a long time and the possibility of harmful substances penetrating the body increases.


The US Environmental Protection Agency has classified formaldehyde as a potential carcinogen for humans. According to laboratory and human studies, formaldehyde may cause leukemia (leukemia), especially acute myeloid leukemia in humans. Acute myeloid leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the bone marrow. In one study, mice experienced symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease when exposed to formaldehyde daily for a week.


Toluene is one of the most widely inhaled drugs. This chemical is also present in adhesives and paints, and poisoning with it can cause rhabdomyolysis. In this disease, muscle fibers are destroyed and their waste products enter the bloodstream; This is in a situation where the kidneys can not work fast enough to destroy them. As a result, a person may develop kidney disease or kidney failure.


Trifenyl phosphate

“Trifenyl phosphate” (TPHP) Several studies have shown that this chemical is a secret stimulant for obesity. Triphenyl phosphate prevents undifferentiated cells from turning into bone cells and converts them into fat cells. In a study at Duke University, researchers found that triphenyl phosphate in nail polish was absorbed directly from the nail. It can also enter the body through the air it breathes.