The reason for nail brittleness

Nails, like the skin, are one of the external parts of the body, and as a result, care must be taken to take care of them. Nails are exposed to external and environmental factors and may be affected by various factors such as heat, pressure, color, chemicals, etc. This can affect their health. One of the problems caused by nails is their breakage. Brittle nails have several reasons, among which the following can be mentioned:

1. nail moisture

One of the reasons for this problem is the moisture of the nails. High humidity makes the nails brittle and as a result easily break, bend and also easily separate from the finger tissue. High humidity is one of the main reasons for brittle nails.

2. Nail biting

Other reasons for brittle nails include picking or chewing them. In fact, nail biting, in addition to damaging its texture, also causes the nail to become wet. Therefore, two nail fragility factors simultaneously affect the nail.

3. injury

Injuries and wounds on the surface of nails and fingers cause them to break. These factors can cause cracks, holes, or wear on the surface of the nail and eventually make them brittle.

4. Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases that affect nails can become one of the reasons for brittle nails. Bacteria, fungi and germs grow and multiply on the nail surface, they can damage the health of the nails and eventually cause them to become brittle.

5. Psoriasis disease

One of the most common causes of brittle nails is psoriasis. This disease causes the nails to be crushed, broken, torn and multi-branched. In addition to affecting the nail surface, this type of disease also damages the skin.

6. Thyroid disease

Thinning as well as dry and brittle nails can be related to hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems. If your nails are constantly cracked and this crack goes to the nail bed, it is better to see a doctor and evaluate your thyroid health.

7. Kidney disease

Kidney diseases can cause weakness of nails and consequently their fragility. This complication, which is caused by a decrease in blood albumin, is mostly related to kidney failure. To treat this problem, doctors recommend moisturizing your skin and nails with a moisturizing cream after each hand wash.

8. Skin Cancer

One of the signs of skin cancer is a change in the thickness of the nails. If the thickness of the nails decreases, the nail becomes soft and brittle.