Causes of broken nails

Nails play an important role in the beauty of hands and having healthy and beautiful nails increases people’s self-confidence. Nails play an important role in beauty , so today special attention is paid to the health of nails to ensure their beauty. Contrary to popular belief, calcium contains only 1% of the ingredients in nails, […]

The nail cuticle should not be removed

The cuticle is the part of the skin and nails that is cut and separated during the manicure. Note that the main nutrition for the growth of nails is done in this area, and this may mean that the cuticle is not in the health of your health. You should know that peeling off this […]

Brittle, scaly and cracked nails

If your nails are brittle, scaly and cracked, this problem is most likely due to environmental factors. So you can solve this problem by making small and simple changes in your lifestyle. For example, do not soak your hands and feet in water for very long periods of time, and be sure to dry them […]