Nail disease that needs to be addressed

Hands and fingernails are an oppressed organ in our body that often do not have the opportunity to be treated. So that we are insignificant in the face of many nail problems and pass by it easily. Unaware that even the smallest problem in our opinion, the most acute problem in the body.

 Healthy and shiny nails are a sign of good health. Smooth, one-color, long nails on the hands indicate that they are healthy. With age, lines may form on the nails and the nails may become more brittle or blemishes on the nails. Some people go for nail implants to prevent permanent breakage of nails and also to have beautiful nails, and with different nail implant designs, they seek to beautify their nails and hide their nail defects.

Nail structure

As you know, nails are made of a protein called keratin and this protein is also found in the structure of the skin and hair. But nails are made of hard keratin, which is similar to animal horns. Under the nail, there is a soft tissue containing delicate blood vessels, which causes the nail shell to turn pink.

Nails grow about 3 to 4 millimeters per month, and this growth is less in toenails, so they grow 40% slower than fingernails. It is interesting to know that nails grow faster in hot weather and slower in cold weather.

Now some conditions may affect the appearance and growth of your nails and cause nail problems.

Some of the problems and diseases of nails are:

 Color change (dark streaks, white streaks or discoloration of the nail surface)

 Changes in the shape of the nails

 Changes in nail thickness

 Nail fragility

 Nail piercing

 Bleeding around the nails

 Swelling or redness around the nails

 Pain in the nails

 The scales around the nails

 Nail separation

Lines on the nails

Lines on the nails can have different causes. These lines include vertical and horizontal lines. Reasons for these lines include:



 Diseases that cause high fever such as: measles, mumps

 Vascular diseases


 Uncontrolled diabetes

 Zinc deficiency


 Rheumatoid arthritis

 Acute renal failure

How can we take care of our nails?

Nail diseases can be prevented by taking care of your nails. To keep your nails healthy, just do the following:

 Do not touch the nails.

 Always use a nail clipper and arrange it after a bath where the nails are soft.

 Keep your nails dry and clean.

 If you have brittle and weak nails, always keep them short to prevent them from breaking.

 Use lotion and strengthener on the nails.

 Wear gloves while working

 Avoid over-cleaning under the nails

 Avoid chewing nails

 Avoid smoking

 Take skin symptoms and eczema seriously.

 Use a personal towel to prevent nail infection.