Do Re-Useable Manicures Exist?

If you’re one to keep all of your receipts, you may be surprised by just how much you spend on manicures in one year. However, if manicures are important to you, but are taking a toll on your wallet, a company has designed a reusable manicure that can stay on for up to 18 days. But after they come off, if you want them back on again, simply apply the glue and have beautiful nails in less than 5 minutes.

Besides the fact that they’re easy on your wallet, they’re also easy to remove so those who have had horrible experiences of getting their acrylic nails removed can rest easy. The glue that is used to attach the nails leaves no crusty residue on your nails after removal, and will not damage them in any way.

Taken straight from the company’s website, Static Nails, this is what they have to say about their product: “Static Nails’ Non-Damaging Glue gives you the luxury of choosing your own wear time. The amount applied determines how long the nails will stay on, for example, a day, a week, up to 18 days and everything in-between. As long as the nails are not forced removed you will have zero damage or glue residue left over. It’s our own formula which bonds like an acrylic but dissolves as you wear it. The more glue, the longer the nails stay on. After a few days, the glue starts to break down leaving no damage or glue residue.”

The nails come in a variety of colours, including pearlescent, black, and even a french manicure.

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