DIY Manicure Tips

We can’t all afford to go to the nail salon every couple weeks, so some of us resort to doing our nails at home. However, sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but here are some helpful tips to help make that at home manicure look like you just walked fresh out of a nail salon.

1. Pick a Simple Shape

Stilleto nails are really cool to look at, but a pain to do at home. If you’re looking for something classy that will last a long time, try a rounded or almond nail for your DIY manicure. They’re less likely to snag on anything and break, especially if you use your hands a lot.

2. Proper Preparation

Nail salons typically prep you by allowing your nails to soak in water before proceeding with the actual manicure. However, experts advise against this. Since water makes the nail expand, the nail polish is more likely to chip as the nail shrinks back down to size. Instead, opt for nail polish remover to cleanse the outside of the nail before applying polish.

3. Avoid Shaking the Polish

What?! You’re telling me that we’re not supposed to shake the bottles before using them? Yep, you heard me right! The reason for this is because shaking causes bubbles to form in the bottle, which then transfers to the nail and causes messy mistakes. Instead, roll the polish if it has separated, then let it settle. The metal ball found in all polish bottles will help move the product around as well.

4. Less is More

If you’re in a rush, you may be tempted to try and do your colour in one go with a thick coat, but this is a big no-no. Thicks coats are difficult to dry, prone to smudging, and just all around don’t look as nice as when you apply thinner coats. A good formula to work with is: base coat + two coats of colour + top coat. This will give you the best results.

5. Do Not Use Heat

Did you know that using heat can actually prevent the nail from hardening? For a quick dry, fan your hands and let the air dry them, or use a blast of cooler air to help speed up the process.

6. Fix mistakes ASAP.

Don’t wait until the polish has dried before you go in and correct your mistakes. Have a cotton swab and acetone at the ready to clean up anything that doesn’t cover the nail. 

And there you have it. All you need for a proper manicure at home that will look just as good as any salon. For best application, use Plei Nail Strengthener beforehand to apply polish to flawless looking nails.