Top 4 Nail Trends for Spring 2019

TLike the seasons, trends come and go. Some are one-hit wonders that make their mark on the world for a week and then fizzle out, while others continuously stay at the front of the pack. While there are timeless classics that you can never go wrong with, here are the top four nail trends for Spring 2019 that will ensure that you stand out amongst the rest.


Flashy nail art has always been a thing and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Crystals will be the go-to nail accessory, whether it will only be on a statement finger or all of the nails. Although, unlike in the past where it was popular to pair crystals with clear or pale nails, this Spring is all about bolder colours paired with crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Play around and see which gems compliment you the most.

Primary Colors

Ah, yes, the classics. Expect lots of reds, blues, and yellows to be making an appearance this Spring, and we’re not talking about the pastel variations or any other kind. Think more: crayola crayon style. Bright, bold, and beautiful.


Ooooh, shiny. Much like the crystals, pearls of all different sizes will be a much desired nail accessory to everyone this Spring. For added shine and glamour, these pearls will be looking their best when placed on top of a nail polish that has a pearlescent finish to it. Icy blues, pearly pinks, and lavender are all expected to be a major hit.

Mix-and-match neutrals

Not into bejeweling your nails or fancying a pop of colour? Never fear, neutral tones are here, and always will be. Though a neutral tone may seem safe for less daring, many are spicing up the timeless classic by mixing and matching neutrals for a fun, quirky look. Whether it’s a different colour on each nail or doing something spunky like stripes or spots, your nails are sure to draw a lot of attention.